New Years Eve Travelling

Every road trip we take, I’m amazed at how much stuff we decide to bring with us.  Without a doubt, the amount of bags brought has a inverse relationship to what we will actually use.  On NYE we returned from a two week jaunt across North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.  Seeing so many friends and family in such a short amount of time is tough but, with the means to do so, it is worth it every year. After what felt like two weeks straight of driving, totaling over 3,000 (!) miles, we arrived home on New Year’s Eve just in time to pop in a frozen pizza, watch The Ranch on Netlfix, and pass out well before the ball dropped in Times Square.

For the vehicle specific aspect, I absolutely am blown away by the internal capacity of Hank.  It almost defies reason how much storage space is inside, with a largely square space to put it in…and for the baubles (fire starter, flares, TP, etc) the numerous cubbies and extra wide door bins are perfect.  When all else fails, the Voyager ( roof rack makes the perfect place to add the rest of the bits we can’t (or don’t want to) fit inside. Things like our fishing poles, awnings, tables take up too much interior space with passengers so they go on top!

For the continuity error folks, the reason why you see pictures now without any stickers on the driver side rear window is because it was 100% smashed out on the Dutch John Rutted hill climb (going down)…but that’s a story for another day.


I hope you all had a wonderful, safe, happy New Year celebration!