Post Snow Day Rain

Very rarely do we get snow in the Carolinas.  One of my favorite things about the snow that we get is the untouched property for miles and miles.

The greatest thing to do after the snow and ice melt is go play …in the newly formed mud.. with a throw back to the second time ever I almost got stuck.  Luckily there were plenty of tree branches of get us dug out!Capture

However, despite my desire for mud…we erred on the side of caution and decided that we need to take the dog out to run at the drop zone. It sure looks like it is completely dry until the wood line but that would belie all the maintenance that the good folks at Range Control have been doing over the winter.


St. Mere-Eglise is one of those famed airbone-ing places that also doubles as an excellent place to run your furry friends.  We don’t keep her on a leash until she is so completely exhausted that she walks up to us and presents to be leashed so that she knows it is time to go.  She rarely drinks water without being mixed with food and only after she runs for a couple miles will she drink some water (pictured, the collapsible bowls).


Looking completely lowered, Hank sits at a level that is great for getting stuff in and out of.  I lower it down only out of sheer laziness and also needing to load hundreds of pounds of material for preparing our house to sell.  One of my major concerns with buying an aftermarket wheel and tires were if I would still be able to access wheel height.  However with the BFGKO2 and Compomotive PD1881.



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