Snow Day 2018

Having spent the past decade living in North Carolina, I can count on one hand the number of proper snow storms we’ve had.  Sure, there’s been plenty of dustings and bouts of ice that shut down this ill equipped area but rarely enough of the fluffy stuff to get outside and enjoy it.  Yesterday, there were conflicting reports from nearly every channel, leaving our small city in a state of utter chaos.  Lucky for Hank the LR4, it was the perfect day to go play in the snow!

shopped pic 1

Acting as the camera man, I was doing double duty of directing and scouting.  Walking back to catch my ride, this framing was perfect.


shopped pic 2

Having lived around the same area for long enough, you’ll eventually see firsts…This one being the lake that had started freezing over.  With floating sheets of ice, you could confuse this Carolina Sandhills scene for something more akin to the northern part of the country this time of year.

Coming up over fresh snow path home from our favorite spot.  Gets a little dicey at the end but lets be honest, that’s half the fun!

If you were affected by this storm, I hope you stayed safe and warm!  We were lucky to have time off of work to get out in nature and celebrate and hope you did too!


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